Friday, 8 March 2013

A Part of this World

It would be rather untoward of me to neglect this page for two months, considering my resolution to maintain it.

I was asked after my last post what my definition of "relevance" was. And, if nothing more than an excuse to write another actual post, I think I ought to answer it here.

As I said before, I don't require of myself that I somehow change the world through my existence. I do, however, aim to have an impact on those around me; I want to stand out from the low standards of normality and be an exception to a society immersed in superficiality. I want my life to challenge and change those who witness even a part of it.

In short, I can't totally control what I change or how I change it. But I can absolutely control who I am, who I become, and whether that person is strong enough to make any difference at all. I want to live a life that has an impact on others. 

That, as close as I can explain it, is my definition of relevance.

This is all easy to say, but difficult in practice. I am naturally quiet, untrusting, and antisocial. I am working on gaining control over these characteristics, but their very presence means I still have significant personal obstacles to overcome. 

But maybe all that just means that when I become that stronger person, it will be all the more extraordinary. Traversing an easy road has never mattered for much.